WA Solar Recycling

Our primary aim is to prevent solar panels and other system components from going to landfill.

We assess, clean and repurpose panels, allowing them to fulfil their potential lifecycle in new applications.

Any panels we receive which cannot be repurposed, we recycle to Australian E waste Standards.

We accept most items related to solar PV systems

(Acceptance of prismatic LiFePo4 batteries is subject to pre-approval – contact us first)

Solar Panels
Poly/Mono/Thin Film

Inverters & Micro Inverters
Prismatic LiFePo4 Lithium and Lead-Acid Batteries ONLY
We cannot accept damaged batteries/cells
Solar Rail and

We do not accept any general waste, non-solar related equipment, or other e-waste not listed above including drill batteries, laptop batteries, mobile phone or tablet batteries or any other non prismatic type LiFePo4 cells.

e.g car batteries

Solar Hot Water Systems
Roof Tiles or Construction Waste
Solar Panels
without Frames

We offer three different pathways for public, commercial and local council customers. Understand your options by exploring the categories below.


If you are a member of the public wanting to dispose of used solar equipment we have a few options available depending on where you are located. Visit our public customer information page for further details.


If you are a business and will be recycling quantities of 80+ panels on a regular basis you can apply for a commercial account with us today. Using our booking portal you can organise bulk collection of panels from almost anywhere in Western Australia.


If you are a Local Council seeking a solution for bulk PV waste in your LGA, we can help you out.
Collect panels at your waste management facility and once a bulk quantity is reached, collection can be organised through our booking portal.

Since WASR was established in 2018, we have saved a whopping 41,870 panels (and counting) from becoming waste.

Learn more about our practices and values at WA Solar Recycling.